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How an eCommerce Digital Marketing Agency Can Help Boost Your Business’s Growth

Written by Alessandro Lannes on 31, May 2018

Digital marketing is an ever-changing industry that gives professionals no solid ground to stand upon. Success in digital marketing depends upon a brand’s ability to adapt quickly to new standards, such as Google page rankings and search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. No rule lasts for long without new versions, adaptations, and updates.

It’s sink or swim in eCommerce digital marketing, as many smaller brands have learned the hard way. Partnering with an eCommerce digital marketing agency can provide a means of support regardless of changing tides in the industry. It can be your answer to steady, long-term success and growth in online retail.


Keep Up With Marketing Changes


A look at the long list of Google search algorithm changes over the years can give you an idea of just how often things vary in digital marketing. Just when brands get used to one algorithm update, Google makes a change. Some updates are minor, while others are significant – sometimes forcing a wide-scale marketing strategy change within a company.


Your brand can stay on top of changing marketing trends and Google algorithm updates without any extra struggle with help from a marketing agency. Marketing agencies are always on the ball when it comes to these changes, ready to implement them seamlessly into your business plan. Google’s ranking system isn’t the only thing undergoing a change recently; the whole realm of digital marketing has completely transformed in the last few years.


As consumers make the switch from desktop computers to mobile phones (and now from mobile to virtual reality devices), brands had to significantly adapt their marketing and website design strategies. Some brands still haven’t entirely updated their marketing models – putting them at risk of extinction. Working with an agency can keep you on the cutting edge of major marketing changes without any hassle or wasted resources.


Gain Access to Important Resources and Tools


An established digital marketing agency will have access to useful tools, resources, and connections that can help you cultivate a strong and effective strategy. At digitalJ2, for example, we’ve mastered many exceptional eCommerce resources we can use to our clients’ advantage. We have the power to implement the latest and greatest technologies, software, and systems available. For example, we offer advanced inbound marketing automation services to help make your marketing efforts easier and more efficient.


Some of the best marketing tools we use for our clients deal with data and analytics. Our agency has the power to track the success of your marketing strategies and make real-time updates and improvements to make sure your campaign works as it should. If something isn’t working out, we’ll make adaptations until it is. We completely customize all our marketing solutions based on information and data we gather from our clients and their customers. We are well-versed on how to use the newest tools available in the industry to their fullest potential.


Eliminate the Cost of New Employee Acquisition


The cost of hiring an in-house marketing team – or even just one marketing manager – can be a great deal more than what it costs to hire a marketing agency. For the sake of argument, let’s look at the average salary a marketing director in Charlotte, North Carolina (where digitalJ2 is located), makes. It’s about $99,000 per year, according to Glassdoor.


Since this is 15% below the national average, let’s round it up to $100,000. You will also have to pay to recruit and train the employee, plus pay for benefits, equipment, office space, IT support, taxes, and other business expenses. You’re looking at somewhere close to $200,000 or more to bring on a new marketing manager – not to mention the costs of hosting an entire in-house team.


The cost of hiring an agency is an absolute bargain compared to the price of a new employee. You also will not have to spend any of your valuable time or energy finding and training a new hire. By the time you do train someone, odds are that the industry has already changed. Save yourself significant time, money, and trouble by going with a digital marketing agency instead.

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What DigitalJ2 Can Do for You

DigitalJ2 can help you grow your business without making a serious investment in your marketing department. We take away the struggle of juggling repetitive daily marketing tasks such as building email lists and generating leads. Our team of marketing gurus will help you keep your existing customers coming back for more as well as acquire brand new leads and conversions. You’ll have more time to focus on things you enjoy doing at your business – such as providing better customer services – while we take care of your digital marketing.


DigitalJ2 offers two comprehensive types of services: regular inbound marketing and eCommerce inbound marketing. Inbound marketing with digitalJ2 works on every stage of the buyer’s journey to facilitate greater conversion rates. Our eCommerce inbound marketing services empower companies with sophisticated automation functionalities that can optimize landing pages, personalize content, and create a more customized shopping experience to convert site traffic into sales. We also offer a range of free resources for eCommerce companies in our Growth Hub.


Interested in hiring an eCommerce digital marketing agency that can make a real, quantifiable difference in your business’s bottom line? Contact our team to discuss your future as one of our clients. We’re always looking for new clients who want to grow, succeed, and flourish in the eCommerce industry. Let us help your company reach new heights.



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