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The State of Inbound 2017

Posted by John Turner on January 06, 2018

HubSpot recently published the “The State of Inbound 2017” report, which surveyed 6,399 professionals in 141 countries. 

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The 2017 HubSpot Growth Stack ROI Report

Posted by John Turner on January 04, 2018

In 2017, HubSpot published a report, with the help of an MIT Sloan MBA student, on the ROI HubSpot customers were experiencing using HubSpot's growth stack for marketing, sales, and CRM software.

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eCommerce: Increasing Order Size

Posted by Ryan Bennett on December 22, 2017

Each customer that buys will be enticed to purchase more or less, depending on your branding approach, offers, and website. You can increase the lifetime value of your customers by increasing the amount they buy in a given purchase. 

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eCommerce: Increasing Order Frequency

Posted by Ryan Bennett on December 15, 2017

When looking to increase the value of each customer, it is important to build strategies that improve your interactions with a given individual. You want people to come back more frequently to purchase than they currently are. The more often a customer purchases, the higher your average customer lifetime value (CLV) will be and the more you can afford to spend on a qualified lead.

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eCommerce: Increasing Conversion Rates

Posted by Ryan Bennett on December 08, 2017

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a discipline focused on maximizing the conversion rate of the traffic your site is receiving. For example, two sites are receiving the same amount of traffic; however, one has double the conversion rates, this site with double the conversion rate would enjoy twice as many conversions (i.e., leads, sales, etc.).

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Designing a Buyer’s Journeys that Delights your Customers

Posted by John Turner on December 01, 2017

A lot has changed since the inception of the Internet. In the pre-Internet world, information about products and services was not readily available and buyers relied heavily on salespeople to make an informed buying decision. In today’s Internet world, information is readily available for buyers to conduct research prior to making a buying decision.

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Creating Relationship Context with Buyer Personas

Posted by John Turner on November 24, 2017

Buyer personas describe in detail who your buyers are. Assumptions about your target audience can cause a disconnect between your strategies and your customer’s interests. If you can identify your top customers, you can pinpoint their business pains, understand how they communicate and get on the right platforms to attract their attention. In order to create personalized relationships, you need to really understand what motivates and drives your customers in different segments of your lists.

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Segmenting Your Customer Base With RFM Analysis

Posted by John Turner on November 17, 2017

All your customers are not valued equally. Some customers are worth a lot in terms of purchases and loyalty, while others are worth little to nothing. RFM segmentation is a framework for segmenting your customers based on their buying behavior:

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Understand the Power of Repeat Order Probability

Posted by John Turner on November 10, 2017

RJ Metric conducted a survey of 176 eCommerce retailers and 18 million customers to uncover insights on how eCommerce customers behave. The survey found that after a customer has placed an initial order, that same customer has a 32% chance of returning to your store to place another order.

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A Simple Way to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value

Posted by John Turner on November 03, 2017

Customer lifetime value (CLV) is one of the most important metrics an eCommerce business should be tracking. CLV determines the value of each customer, telling you how much you can spend to acquire and retain each customer. 

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