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September, 17 2021

Apple iOS 15: Email Marketing Changes, Ready or Not

Inbound Marketing Marketing Strategy Email Marketing

The marketing world all seemed to utter a collective GASP! when they got word of the upcoming Apple iOS 15 update. Read More

October, 27 2020

Seven Questions to Answer Before Starting Your Own Marketing Videos

MARKETING Marketing Strategy Video Marketing

People love videos. Consumers watch video clips on their phones, tablets, computers, TVs—anywhere there’s a screen. And let’s face it, these days, we’re all surrounded by screens. Read More

October, 20 2020

Five Website Metrics to Watch to Determine Whether to Make a Change

MARKETING Analytics Website Design

Numbers don’t lie. The only way to know how well your website is attracting visitors and acquiring customers is to track its performance using data analytics. Otherwise, you have no idea whether your [...] Read More

October, 13 2020

Six Steps for a Successful Working Relationship With a Contract Employee

LEADERSHIP Efficiency Recruiting

Working with contract employees is different than managing a full-time staff. Technically, contract workers are self-employed and not entitled to any perks your company may offer as incentives for per[...] Read More

October, 06 2020

Deciding on a Marketing Strategy Based on the Results You Want

Inbound Marketing MARKETING Marketing Strategy

Psychologists call it “analysis paralysis.” It’s when a person has so many options and so much information, they can’t make up their minds. So they don’t make a decision at all. Read More

September, 29 2020

Four Different Writing Styles & When to Use Them in Content Marketing

MARKETING Content Marketing Marketing Strategy

“What’s the good word?” Writers use language for various reasons. Some want to take their readers on a grand adventure. Others just want to relay some basic information. Read More

September, 21 2020

How To Target Email Addresses in Facebook & LinkedIn Ads

MARKETING Social Media Paid Advertising

Isn’t it nice when two of your friends come together and make a connection? No, we’re not talking about your best friend from high school and your freshman roommate from college. We’re referring to tw[...] Read More

September, 17 2020

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads: How to Tell Which Platform Is Right for Your Business

MARKETING Social Media Paid Advertising

Online advertising is a great tool to grow your business—if you know how to use it. The two biggest platforms out there are Google Ads and Facebook Ads. They have similarities, but they also have indi[...] Read More

September, 02 2020

Seven of The Best Free Cyber-Conference Platforms For Your Business

LEADERSHIP Efficiency Sales Calls

Virtual meetings are how we get things done in 2020. The onset of the coronavirus outbreak has forced businesses, schools, and families to gather in front of their computers or other devices to discus[...] Read More

August, 31 2020

Firing a Wrong-Fit Client: When to Part Ways and How to Do It

LEADERSHIP Business Growth Leadership Development

Deciding it’s better to part ways with a client than trying to salvage the relationship is a lot like figuring out the proper moment to fire an employee or give them a chance to change. Read More

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