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How to Keep Customers Returning Through eCommerce Marketing Automation

Written by Alessandro Lannes on 8, June 2018


What Is eCommerce Marketing Automation?


Automation does not mean using computer software to send a generic email blast to everyone on your contact list. Instead, marketing automation is a strategy that enables your company to provide a personalized, pleasurable shopping experience to your customers. All major eCommerce sites use marketing automation. It’s what makes big brands like Amazon and Wayfair so successful and efficient. The best online shopping centers use automation to create tailored, customized marketing campaigns that make customers feel cared about.


Marketing automation tools collect data from your customers and company to masterfully create personalized content and marketing strategies. It uses software to make certain actions, such as workflows and email campaigns, automatic. Automating repetitive tasks can eliminate productivity drainers such as spending hours typing up emails and building strategic email lists. It can free up your marketers’ and staff members’ valuable time while accomplishing better results – a win-win for your eCommerce company.


With the right software or marketing agency, automation can make it possible for a small marketing team to accomplish big things. Your team can generate more sales by saving a ton of time on tasks that would normally take them all day. You can grow your business without having to vastly expand your marketing team or budget. Automation helps you achieve the same returns as a huge marketing team, with less investment.


Keep Customers Coming Back Automatically


ECommerce marketing automation isn’t just about making marketing easier; it’s also about doing it better. Automation can work with your digital marketing platforms, such as a website or social media profiles, to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. For example, your automation system could send subscribers straight to your mailing list, create customized audience groups, and automatically send customized emails to the right people according to their unique data.


Automation can increase the chances of a customer returning to your site by sending them a reminder that they left something in their shopping cart, a notification of a drop in the sales price on an item they were looking at, or more information about a product. You can use other auto-marketing tactics as well, such as attaching cookies to visitors and using personalized banner ads to remind them of a product they looked at but didn’t buy. Follow-up emails or advertisements can be the push a customer needs to choose correctly during the consideration stage.


There are endless ways to keep customers returning to your site through marketing automation. Using automation the right way can solve problems you have with low customer return rates, as well as keep customers at different levels of the sales funnel engaged with your brand. For example, automation can help you create workflows and trigger emails for specific customers. It will do all the data gathering, analytics, and marketing execution for you so you can focus on other aspects of your brand.


Can Marketing Automation Help You?


There is much more to eCommerce marketing automation than simply making some tasks automatic. It is a comprehensive strategy that involves a great deal of data gathering and customer retention. Automation tools can help you create highly personalized content that gets in front of your ideal buyer at exactly the right time in the buyer’s journey. It can also help you convert warm leads into customers and customers into loyal, lifelong buyers. You can generate significant revenue for your brand for a minimal investment.


You might be wondering why all eCommerce sites aren’t using marketing automation if it’s such a game-changer for the industry. The answer is that it’s not the easiest task to complete. The average eCommerce company doesn’t have the resources or expertise to successfully execute a marketing automation strategy. A poorly planned strategy can be worse than no strategy at all. While it’s possible to tackle a marketing automation system on your own, it’s easier (and often more rewarding) to work with an eCommerce digital marketing agency.

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Talk to DigitalJ2 About Marketing Automation Today


Marketing automation might be a buzzword, but that doesn’t make it the easiest software to implement. If the benefits of automation intrigue you but the software seems too complex, partner with an agency that specializes in inbound marketing instead. That way you won’t make any costly mistakes along the way and can feel confident in your marketing efforts. Since the line between good and bad marketing is so thin, don’t take any risks with your company’s reputation. Go with a company you can trust to get you the best possible results. Go with digitalJ2. Reach out to us to find out more about eCommerce marketing automation.

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