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December, 04 2019

The A/B Testing Tool is Invaluable to Marketing Success

Marketing Automation MARKETING

The process that the scientific method uses for answering questions is the same one business owners can use during marketing analysis. A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a method for measuri[...] Read More

June, 19 2018

10 eCommerce Marketing Tactics For Your Business

Inbound Marketing Marketing Automation ECOMMERCE

  eCommerce has soared to almost unbelievable heights in the last decade alone. Digital trend reports can hardly keep up with the rapid growth of global online shopping. In 2016, eCommerce sales of ph[...] Read More

June, 08 2018

How to Keep Customers Returning Through eCommerce Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation ECOMMERCE Brand Loyalty

What Is eCommerce Marketing Automation?   Automation does not mean using computer software to send a generic email blast to everyone on your contact list. Instead, marketing automation is a strategy t[...] Read More

May, 24 2018

Manufacturers and Distributors eCommerce Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing Marketing Automation ECOMMERCE

  Read More

May, 18 2018

A Definitive Guide to Digital Marketing for eCommerce to Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Marketing Automation ECOMMERCE

  Customer lifetime value (LTV) is a critical performance metric that can give you valuable insights into the health, performance, and future success of your eCommerce business. Maximizing your custom[...] Read More

February, 08 2018

A Comprehensive Guide to eCommerce Inbound Marketing for Customer Retention

Inbound Marketing Marketing Automation ECOMMERCE

eCommerce Inbound Marketing for Customer Retention For many years, customer retention has played second fiddle to customer acquisition. However, in today’s world of rising customer acquisition cost, m[...] Read More

October, 20 2016

The 3 Key's to Effective Email Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation MARKETING

Email marketing automation is a fantastic tool that can eliminate a great deal of stress—as long as business owners do it the right way.  Read More

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