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How To Organize Your HubSpot Portal To Increase Efficiency & Profitability

Written by Maggie Yarnold on 13, May 2020
How To Organize Your HubSpot Portal To Increase Efficiency & Profitability

Have you ever heard the saying that “your company is as profitable as it is organized?” No? Well, that’s because it isn’t a saying—but it is true.

If your company’s inbound marketing platform is a mess, chances are your outbound marketing and sales strategies are also missing the mark.

Below is a guide to help you reorganize your HubSpot portal and maintain that organization throughout the lifetime of your company.

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales software. It tracks user experience and

behavior and analyzes the success of a company’s campaign, while also helping the organization run the daily operations and organize its workload. The software hosts web and landing pages and allows in-application communication and writing.

How Can You Organize Your HubSpot Portal?

1. Audit Your Current Content

The first step to decluttering a space? Take inventory. Before you can create an organizational plan, you must know what you’re organizing.

What do you currently have? Where is it stored? If you are trying to move your content over from Google Drive or Dropbox, HubSpot offers the Dropbox + Google Drive Integration to seamlessly move everything over for you in an instant.

However, before you can transfer your content into HubSpot, you need consistent naming conventions. This is where the data audit saves you. It is the most difficult aspect of organizing your HubSpot, but it is the backbone for every other step.

If you already have consistent naming throughout your company, your audit will move much faster. However, many companies are not this lucky.

The HubSpot search bar offers fast and easy access to the files you need—as you need them. However, HubSpot can’t find those files for you if you don’t know how to look for them. So, your company should introduce an internal naming convention system. This system will create a structured method for naming every type of file. Choose a naming convention that makes sense for your company.

How To Organize Your HubSpot Portal To Increase Efficiency & Profitability

Helpful Tip: A naming convention that includes launch dates, the type of campaign or offer, the name of the campaign or offer, and the file type will make your resources easier to find. This strategy also gives you valuable information for consolidating your resources by account and relativity.

2. Consolidate Content to Focus on Specific Goals and Projects

HubSpot offers a slew of assets to combine, consolidate, and coordinate your content. Consolidating your content will help you to push forward offers and campaigns smoothly and repurpose content if it goes untouched.

To do this, HubSpot gives you the ability to add tags, descriptions, and more to move your assets forward.

Campaigns and folders will help you organize your portal.

The campaign tool allows you and your team to push content from every section (e.g., blog posts, landing pages, emails, etc.) toward a specific goal. This tool will simplify collaboration and allow your team to see which campaign assets are complete and what still needs to be completed.

The folder tool has a similar outcome, as it allows you to move and organize your deliverables into personalized spaces. This feature is found throughout HubSpot’s various managing platforms and it can be used in conjunction with the campaign tool.

Contact property groups are another great way to manage campaigns and organize your team (when used effectively). You can manage what information is displayed in a contact property and edit which people are visible without affecting someone else’s preferences in your personal portal. Additionally, you can manage contact property groups within the contact property manager as a team.

Here you can see which property groups are most commonly used, which have gone inactive, and which need editing.

How To Organize Your HubSpot Portal To Increase Efficiency & Profitability

Helpful Tip: Managing your contact properties can also lead you toward finding outdated campaigns, folders, or other assets that are ready for the trash bin.

3. Delete, Delete, Delete!

Clicking the “favorite” button is a quick way to organize your HubSpot portal. Favoriting frequently used templates helps you easily find them and quickly discard the templates that are collecting dust. There is no reason to clutter your portal with templates that have never made it onto the screen.

On that same note, flag old blog and email drafts, unused lists, irrelevant keywords, inactive social media accounts, and inactive users, such as former employees, during the audit. All of these things bog down your HubSpot portal.

How To Organize Your HubSpot Portal To Increase Efficiency & Profitability

Helpful Tip: Use the folder or campaign tool during the audit to place all deletable content into one place so you don’t have to find it twice.

Why Spend Time Organizing My HubSpot Portal?

As with most aspects of marketing and sales, organizing your HubSpot portal

begins with an audit. While organizing isn’t the most exciting task, it can save valuable time in the future.

Having an organized HubSpot portal saves you from posting outdated content, losing campaign assets in the clutter, and sending out poorly targeted ads to your customers. Learning how to organize your HubSpot portal is an important step in maintaining your reputation and your customers’ business.

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