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October, 13 2020

Six Steps for a Successful Working Relationship With a Contract Employee

LEADERSHIP Efficiency Recruiting

Working with contract employees is different than managing a full-time staff. Technically, contract workers are self-employed and not entitled to any perks your company may offer as incentives for per[...] Read More

September, 02 2020

Seven of The Best Free Cyber-Conference Platforms For Your Business

LEADERSHIP Efficiency Sales Calls

Virtual meetings are how we get things done in 2020. The onset of the coronavirus outbreak has forced businesses, schools, and families to gather in front of their computers or other devices to discus[...] Read More

August, 25 2020

Five Ways to Ensure Remote Employees Are Secure

LEADERSHIP Business Growth Efficiency

Cybersecurity never sleeps. As companies continue to navigate the pandemic and keep their employees working remotely, the need for safe data and secure connections is growing. Read More

July, 13 2020

How to Effectively Manage Client Timelines and Chart a Course for a Successful Partnership

Marketing & Sales Alignment LEADERSHIP Efficiency

Relationships are complicated. The best partnerships establish a clear set of expectations from the beginning with regular briefings to see if needs are being met and progress is being made. Read More

March, 31 2020

How to Manage Remote Workers to Promote Efficiency & Productivity

LEADERSHIP Efficiency Employee Growth

Public health concerns have created a push toward remote work. In order to stem the spread of an infectious disease (COVID-19), many businesses are encouraging their employees to work from home. This [...] Read More

March, 26 2020

How to Effectively Work from Home & Be A Stellar Remote Employee

LEADERSHIP Efficiency Employee Growth

A public outbreak has probably left you wondering about your job security. We here at digitalJ2 have moved to remote work to accommodate our new reality. Let’s be honest: Most of us aren’t adept at wo[...] Read More

March, 18 2020

The Best Project Management Practices to Grow Your Business in an Efficient & Organized Way

LEADERSHIP Business Growth Efficiency

Deadlines, details, delegation—oh my! When a project grows mismanaged and disorganized, it can become overwhelming, fast. However, this is all fixable with these project management tools best practice[...] Read More

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