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Etienne Turner

Etienne Turner

Etienne Turner

Etienne Turner

Posts by Etienne Turner :

October, 13 2020

Six Steps for a Successful Working Relationship With a Contract Employee

LEADERSHIP Efficiency Recruiting

Working with contract employees is different than managing a full-time staff. Technically, contract workers are self-employed and not entitled to any perks your company may offer as incentives for per[...] Read More

September, 21 2020

How To Target Email Addresses in Facebook & LinkedIn Ads

MARKETING Social Media Paid Advertising

Isn’t it nice when two of your friends come together and make a connection? No, we’re not talking about your best friend from high school and your freshman roommate from college. We’re referring to tw[...] Read More

August, 31 2020

Firing a Wrong-Fit Client: When to Part Ways and How to Do It

LEADERSHIP Business Growth Leadership Development

Deciding it’s better to part ways with a client than trying to salvage the relationship is a lot like figuring out the proper moment to fire an employee or give them a chance to change. Read More

August, 03 2020

Top HubSpot Sales Reports for Managers to Use [with Templates]

SALES HUBSPOT Sales Reporting

The business world is constantly evolving. It’s more important than ever for companies to keep up with the latest trends and their competitors. Some of the main people responsible for ensuring profits[...] Read More

July, 29 2020

The HubSpot Marketing Tier Comparison That Will Help You Choose the Right Plan

Inbound Marketing HUBSPOT Marketing Technology

So you’ve settled on using HubSpot for your digital marketing software. But now you need to pick the plan that is best for your business. Read More

July, 15 2020

Six Marketing Metrics Every Business Owner Should Know Off the Top of Their Head

MARKETING Business Growth Analytics

As a business owner, you need to know your numbers. You have access to so much data concerning your company, it can be overwhelming. Sales, financial, human resources, project management, product perf[...] Read More

June, 16 2020

How COVID-19 Has Changed Sales Teams and What to Expect Next

SALES Sales Strategy Sales Process

“The new normal.” You’ve heard that phrase over and over (and over) again since a global pandemic shattered everybody’s routines in the first quarter of 2020. At what point do you think the “new” will[...] Read More

April, 23 2020

How to Switch Your Field Sales Teams to Digital Reps and Get Back to Business

Sales Enablement SALES LEADERSHIP Sales Strategy

Offering a handshake, giving a pat on the back, and looking someone in the eye are the ways a traditional sales force operates. However, measures put in place to slow the spread of coronavirus (like s[...] Read More

December, 09 2019

What is a Marketing Funnel & Why Should You Use One?

MARKETING Marketing Strategy Marketing Technology

Do you want more of your website visitors completing some desired action on your website? Would you like to track the steps one would take before taking that action? If so, you should be creating and [...] Read More

December, 04 2019

HubSpot + Shopify = 63% Increase in Existing Customer Sales in 9-Months [Case Study]


Our Super COOL Client and their Growth Challenges This client faces the type of challenges that every company on the planet dreams about: how do we deal with hyper-growth? What’s not to love here - ri[...] Read More

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