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Mitzi Morris

Mitzi Morris

Posts by Mitzi Morris :

October, 27 2020

Seven Questions to Answer Before Starting Your Own Marketing Videos

MARKETING Marketing Strategy Video Marketing

People love videos. Consumers watch video clips on their phones, tablets, computers, TVs—anywhere there’s a screen. And let’s face it, these days, we’re all surrounded by screens. Read More

October, 20 2020

Five Website Metrics to Watch to Determine Whether to Make a Change

MARKETING Analytics Website Design

Numbers don’t lie. The only way to know how well your website is attracting visitors and acquiring customers is to track its performance using data analytics. Otherwise, you have no idea whether your [...] Read More

October, 06 2020

Deciding on a Marketing Strategy Based on the Results You Want

Inbound Marketing MARKETING Marketing Strategy

Psychologists call it “analysis paralysis.” It’s when a person has so many options and so much information, they can’t make up their minds. So they don’t make a decision at all. Read More

September, 29 2020

Four Different Writing Styles & When to Use Them in Content Marketing

MARKETING Content Marketing Marketing Strategy

“What’s the good word?” Writers use language for various reasons. Some want to take their readers on a grand adventure. Others just want to relay some basic information. Read More

August, 27 2020

Using Lower Cost-per-Conversion Platforms to Increase ROI

MARKETING Social Media Paid Advertising

Paid advertising can bring in traffic and increase conversions; however, it can also take a toll on your business if the costs start to add up. Managing your cost-per-conversion is a great way to know[...] Read More

August, 25 2020

Five Ways to Ensure Remote Employees Are Secure

LEADERSHIP Business Growth Efficiency

Cybersecurity never sleeps. As companies continue to navigate the pandemic and keep their employees working remotely, the need for safe data and secure connections is growing. Read More

August, 17 2020

Five Keys to Making Your Blog Stand Out and Reaching Your Readers [With Examples]

MARKETING Content Marketing Blogging

Words, words, words. There’s a ton of content out there in cyberspace. Everyone has a voice, and they’re not afraid to use it. Read More

August, 05 2020

Tips on Creating a Writer's Style Guide That Truly Represents Your Brand [With Examples]

MARKETING Content Marketing Copywriting

“What am I trying to say?” It’s a question writers often ask themselves as they wrestle with a bunch of words scribbled on paper or typed out on a screen. The answer is easier to find if there’s just [...] Read More

July, 28 2020

Best Copywriting Practices to Prompt Action and Common Errors to Avoid

MARKETING Content Marketing Copywriting

Though writing is considered a form of art, copywriting is actually more of a science. It doesn’t matter if you use flowery language in the introduction or come up with a witty conclusion to wrap thin[...] Read More

July, 13 2020

How to Effectively Manage Client Timelines and Chart a Course for a Successful Partnership

Marketing & Sales Alignment LEADERSHIP Efficiency

Relationships are complicated. The best partnerships establish a clear set of expectations from the beginning with regular briefings to see if needs are being met and progress is being made. Read More

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