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April, 22 2020

Top HubSpot Integrations that Help to Streamline Your Workflow, Save Time, and Eliminate Errors

HUBSPOT Marketing Technology HubSpot Integration

Picture this: you operate a medium-scale eCommerce site, and as your business developed through its various stages, you added more tools as the need arose. Now, your team is using a great communicatio[...] Read More

April, 21 2020

Top Ways to Successfully Integrate Platforms to Increase Efficiency

Marketing Automation MARKETING HubSpot Integration

Demand for platform integration is growing rapidly as businesses realize their ability to increase business efficiency. Platform integration is a great way to increase communication within your organi[...] Read More

April, 15 2020

Choosing an Industry-Specific Website to Improve The Customer Experience & Create Lasting Impact

MARKETING Marketing Technology Website Design

Within a fraction of a second after arriving on your site, a visitor will formulate an opinion and decide whether to continue browsing or return to Google. A clean layout, striking visuals, and the co[...] Read More

April, 13 2020

How To Choose Between Insourcing & Outsourcing Your Marketing Content So Your Brand Can Shine

MARKETING Content Marketing Blogging

In modern marketing, content is king. For many businesses, one of the biggest decisions they make is regarding their method of content production. If you find yourself in this situation, you’re likely[...] Read More

April, 08 2020

Five Key Items to Include In Your Marketing and Sales Reports to Grow Your Company [with Examples]


Marketing and sales are the bread and butter of any business. Marketing advertises products and promotes brand awareness; sales reaches out to potential customers to try and close a deal. However, to [...] Read More

April, 06 2020

The Top Three Free Design Tools You Should Already Be Using

MARKETING Branding Social Media

In a digital world where new design apps and websites pop up every day, it can be hard to navigate the options for creating visuals. Ever search for a specific design functionality on Google just to b[...] Read More

April, 02 2020

How to Make an Engaging eBook That Helps Your Business Stand Out

MARKETING Branding Content Marketing

Why Do I Need An eBook When I Have a Blog? That’s a great question. You’re regularly producing tons of content with blogs and social media, so why would you need an eBook? Isn’t ALL THAT enough? Congr[...] Read More

March, 31 2020

How to Manage Remote Workers to Promote Efficiency & Productivity

LEADERSHIP Efficiency Employee Growth

Public health concerns have created a push toward remote work. In order to stem the spread of an infectious disease (COVID-19), many businesses are encouraging their employees to work from home. This [...] Read More

March, 30 2020

When to Ditch Your Excel Spreadsheet and Switch to a CRM to Boost Revenue

Marketing Automation SALES CRM Prospecting

When first starting a business, you look to avoid all unnecessary expenses. So instead of using a CRM platform, most businesses resort to Excel spreadsheets. This works well in the beginning because y[...] Read More

March, 26 2020

How to Effectively Work from Home & Be A Stellar Remote Employee

LEADERSHIP Efficiency Employee Growth

A public outbreak has probably left you wondering about your job security. We here at digitalJ2 have moved to remote work to accommodate our new reality. Let’s be honest: Most of us aren’t adept at wo[...] Read More

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