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July, 01 2019

What is a Smarketing Meeting & How Do I Run One?

MARKETING Marketing & Sales Alignment SALES

If you're in Sales or Marketing, you've attended your fair share of meetings. Odds are if you check your Google Calendar at this very moment, it will most likely look more like a patchwork quilt of co[...] Read More

June, 20 2019

How to Increase Your Marketing Velocity

MARKETING Marketing & Sales Alignment

Most marketing departments are still attached to the notion of creating a 12-month marketing plan, taking months to plan & implement their marketing strategies. These marketing departments are usu[...] Read More

June, 14 2019

Building Your Revenue Statement For Growth

MARKETING Marketing & Sales Alignment LEADERSHIP

What is a Revenue StatementTM? In any growth-oriented business, driving profitable revenue growth is one of the most important business goals. However, as we dig deeper into this topic, we find that m[...] Read More

June, 10 2019

Marketing Service Level Agreement: Your First Step To Marketing & Sales Success

MARKETING Marketing & Sales Alignment SALES

If you were to ask one of our Inbound Marketing Managers, “what is the most common challenge you face when working with a client?” the answer you will find is “marketing and sales alignment.” Read More

June, 05 2019

Marketing Qualified Leads vs Sales Qualified Leads

Inbound Marketing Marketing & Sales Alignment SALES

I think we can agree that most business leaders understand in theory what a Marketing Qualified Lead (“MQL”) and a Sales Qualified Lead (“SQL”) means. However, many companies have not clearly defined [...] Read More

May, 23 2019

The Simple Step by Step Process to Qualify a Lead from Start to Finish

Sales Enablement Marketing & Sales Alignment SALES

Developing a Lead Qualification Process: A Step-by-Step Guide A successful business can have a thousand potential leads at the top of their sales funnel, but only a small percentage of those leads wil[...] Read More

May, 20 2019

How to Measure Sales Readiness in Your Online Leads

Sales Enablement Marketing & Sales Alignment SALES

If you are reading this blog, you have hopefully already set up your ideal customer profile. It’s important to know the most fundamental attributes someone needs to have to be successful as your custo[...] Read More

May, 08 2019

Creating an Ideal Customer Profile for B2B Companies

MARKETING Marketing & Sales Alignment Branding

When starting a B2B company, you set goals and decide exactly what pain point your product or service solves. You decide who your ideal market is and maybe even create a buyer persona to help you know[...] Read More

October, 04 2016

Five Tips to Craft a Successful Inbound Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Inbound Marketing MARKETING Marketing & Sales Alignment

What Are Five Ways to Build a Successful Inbound Marketing Plan? Inbound marketing is one of the most effective methods for conducting business online. The modern consumer leans toward companies that [...] Read More

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